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Apple Store in Paris robbed on New Year's Eve

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While police were otherwise occupied at more crowded areas, masked men robbed an Apple Store in Paris, France on New Year's Eve. The thieves managed to steal over 1 million euros worth of iOS products. 300,000 people were celebrating the new year in the area around the Champs-Elysees, justifiably leaving authorities short. The report says "masked men forced their way into a back ...

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Find My Iphone ? (Aussie questioning intonation)
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Not to imply I am a fan of the Evil Empire but as locked up as they like to keep things. aren't these guys boned as soon as they turn one on or?

Just my $0.02,

yep actually they are boned because the devices imei cannot be changed and worse the serial number is reported to apple once you connect it to iTunes morons you just stole nothing absolutely nothing
You have to understand that they will most likely sell it and make money that way, while the end user will get screwed over for buying a stolen product unknowingly. From what I understand, they stole unopened merchandise, and I doubt it will be locked down until otherwise. So in the end, they will make money and everyone else get screwed over.
The thieves forgot to burn the store.
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