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Canonical shows off Ubuntu mobile OS on Galaxy Nexus

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As expected, Canonical has unveiled some more details about their upcoming Ubuntu mobile OS, even showing off some features running on a Galaxy Nexus handset. The OS is built on the existing Android kernel and its drivers but will be able to use the "full power of the phone" by not using a Java Virtual Machine. Canonical says the OS supports ARM and x86 architectures, so phone makers ...

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I like it. It is in development mode so there are expected issues of drag and many of the usual bugs. Overall, the videos show a promising mobile OS.

I wonder what this means to Google and Apple. Especially Google.
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What I like is that it doesn't use a virtual machine to load the OS. Even though it could be potentially less "secure" than other android based smartphone OS's.
Swiping in from the edges of the screen will let users switch apps or use universal search. A quick swipe from the left will bring up a small dock of your most used/favorite apps, while a full swipe from left to right opens a dock showing all your open apps
...Already an app for that in Android...
Wow just when I sold my Galaxy Nexus...


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Looks very interesting........
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