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Apple blocks Java 7 plug-in in Mac OS X after exploit discovered

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A huge security exploit was discovered for Java versions 4 through 7 earlier this week, prompting the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to recommend users block the browser plug-in until Oracle can patch it. Instead of giving users the choice, Apple has gone the safe route, blocking the plug-in from within Mac OS X. The vulnerability allows remote installation of malware such as ...

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Don't worry. Apple will protect you.
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I disabled it in my browsers and blocked it in my firewall but java is still useful for other offline tasks...glad MS isn't blocking it.

Makes me wish a key software did not require Java to run in it's web access. Let's hope my other content filtering and firewall saves me from my users. I so wish I could have a no java life aside from my many morning cups of coffee.

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