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Samsung says no Windows RT devices for the U.S.

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Samsung has confirmed it will not release a Windows RT tablet in the U.S. The company's RT-based tablet, the Ativ Tab, will stay on the sidelines as the company confirmed that its retail partners did not have viable demand for it. Mike Abary, head of Samsung's PC and tablet business in the U.S, also cited the confusion of Windows RT versus Windows 8 Pro as a major deterrent to releasing ...

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You might want to change the title to Samsung says no Windows RT devices for the U.S.
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I don't buy their explanation. I think it has more to do with them liking android better; there is probably a cost issue there as well, not just to educate consumers. IMO
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Makes sense. You're doing great with your real portable OS (Android), Windows RT should by no means have a Windows moniker, And people that are going to shell out the money for a non Android device are going to want compatibility and "real" Windows. Why waste your time and money marketing and developing for somebody who wants to be a competitor anyways?

I frankly think it's a good call.
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