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Fortune: Google the top place to work in 2013

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Fortune has unveiled their annual "100 Best Companies to Work For in 2013," and Google topped the list. There were numerous tech companies on the list, but there are some extremely surprising omissions from the list. Apple and Facebook were notably absent, for starters. Here is a list of some major tech firms (via TNW): 1: Google 2: SAS 11: Qualcomm 19: 22: Intuit ...

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One of my professors was offered a job opportunity at Google. He turned it down though. I guess what they don't mention is that you are given so much "free time" to work on whatever you want, but you are also given unrealistic deadlines so you end up using all of your "free time" on work assignments anyways. Their trick is to make work seem fun so you stay longer and work more.

With that said, I still want to work at Google more than anywhere else.
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