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Sony to say goodbye to DualShock design for PS4 controllers?

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After 15 years, it appears that Sony will move away from the classic DualShock controller design seen in past PlayStation consoles. The upcoming PS4 will see the new controller, which has already gone through "numerous iterations" in its prototypes, say CVG sources. Some of the experiments have included controllers with biometric sensors and LCD touch screens although it is still unclear ...

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I just have to say I would be perfectly content using the PS controller from any generation until the day I get the controls jacked straight into my brain.
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I would be happy using an Atari 2600 joystick on any console. Modern controllers offer more options but are often overly complex. Simplicity wins every time.
I really hope that they don't put in touch controls. If they do then I hope you aren't forced to use them. I really like the layout of the dualshock controller, but who knows, they might surprise me and build something better and easy to get used to. I really don't need a screen though. I don't like the idea of having to look down at the controller while I'm playing a game.
As much as I dont mind the Dualshock controller a new design would be nice to see. Bring it on Sony.
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As someone who has used a Playstation - and, consequently, a Dualshock controller - since the original version, I am of the opinion that unless they get this completely right then I don't think it's going to go down well. We shall have to wait and see!

It better not turn into some rubbish like the Wii U controller. If it does, screw it.
I think Sony has enough sense to put out something good. And not drastically different. They are one of the few companies that could take a hint and keep the same controller through so many generations of their system. (If it ain't broke, don't fix it!)

They just seem to be good at adapting to the times like they have in the past. Adding rumble, motion sensors, wireless connectivity. I think we are going to be happy with their new product, especially after so many "iterations" they've worked with.

+1 to the excited consumer list
dont fix what is not broken Sony, this has to be just rumors
The PlayStation controller is one of the best fits for human hands. I just want the shape to remain the same. No weird BS junk like touch screen LCD crap.

Keep it simple.
i dont mind the same pad but change is inevitable
Lol, so closed minded. pretty sure Sony will come out with a good controller.
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Having used Sony's for quite some time, I think it will be more evolutionary than revolutionary.
hopefully the controller doesn't get any smaller, the DS series are hand cramp central for me.

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So they FINALLY put two sticks on their portable device (PSVita) and then take them away completely on the new device. I can't say that I'm very surprised by such an idiotic move by Sony (as they are so incredibly prone to making). But jaysus.
god_gamer Unverified new user
I am so glad that sony is moving away from its horribly designed controller. The only people who really enjoy using this controller are those who have become acustom to it after years of psx and ps2 game play. Owning both systems and a ps3 I can safely say the current controller sucks.
Not much wrong with the same old controller they have. To tell you the truth. The only reason I never looked twice at a Xbox was due to the controller. That and they always break down. I am sure they are being careful not to change it to much but its a real thin line and I hope they are careful enough.

Hey take it easy
Never once seen the need for dual shock.

This is superman
Got both, I find the Xbox controller by far the better.
Originally posted by adre02:
Never once seen the need for dual shock.
You have a point there, it's just the shape and feel of the controller that's perfect. The dualshlock and motion controls are something they should have left out. In fact with how little they were ever used I don't know why they though PSmove was a good idea....
The OUYA controller I'm getting with the console will be ps3/xbox like with a touchpad apparently.

Its a lot easier being righteous than right.

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