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Codename 'iPhone Math' coming in June with 4.8-inch display

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According to a new China Times report, Apple is working on a new iPhone, codenamed "Math" to launch along side the upcoming iPhone 5S in June. The new phone will feature a 4.8-inch screen, making it competitive with most Android devices, especially the Galaxy S III (and likely IV). Component makers will begin production in March with mass production starting in mid-April. Foxconn will ...

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Drifts off whilst reading...

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On a personal note. I just now realized I have been promoted to "member". Yay, me!
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So the time date for this new phone is this year, but it's not the iphone 5S, so will this me a mini mini ipad. It would give apple a part of the bigger screen market
Go away Apple, nobody likes you apart from the drones with zero personality.

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Am I the only one that read the headline as "iPhone Meth"?
DDR4life, bummer!!!! have to do something about that!!! congrates
Originally posted by aw2600:
Am I the only one that read the headline as "iPhone Meth"?
give it time and being addicted to apple products will be classed as a mental disorder and people will receive treatment for it and claim disability pension for it.

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