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YouTube takes down MEGA launch video after takedown notice

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German music rights group GEMA was behind the misdeed. Earlier this month, Kim Dotcom launched his new file sharing cloud storage service, Mega, throwing a bash at his mansion. The video was made available on YouTube and had many hits until GEMA decided to throw a takedown request, which led to YouTube taking the video down, at least temporarily. There was zero reason for the video ...

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He should sue GEMA for claiming to have copyright on the video.
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Originally posted by xtago:
He should sue GEMA for claiming to have copyright on the video.
Sounds like that's the plan according to the article's end,
How you like the idea:

The only way to stop GEMA and others from doing false censorship is to put their nuts in the vice and to turn the handle. Or in other words to hit them in the money with an automatic fine for issuing a false take down request where the fine should quickly scale up the more false censorship they do.

As for me, when I was in Germany I used Nederlands VPN, so here are some invitations to f**k GErmanMAfia: - Herzlich Willkommen!
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