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Apple releases iOS 6.1

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Apple has released their next major update for iOS today, version 6.1. The update is available to iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Apple TV users and is available OTA. Apple states that the following have been updated, added or improved (via 9to5): LTE support for more carriers (Apple previously announced that it would add more LTE carriers this week). 36 additional iPhone carriers. ...

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But they couldn't include a new feature to keep the mindless haters from hating it.
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Originally posted by xnonsuchx:
But they couldn't include a new feature to keep the mindless haters from hating it.
And apparently they cannot leave out enough features to keep the brainwashed sheep from loving it and lining up to get a new one every new iGadget release.

Oh and BTW I have an iPhone 4S and while it is a good device it is still just a stupid phone that does pretty much the sme thing other stupid phones do.

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Well, it definitely takes the same type of infantile mindset to be a hater as it does to be a fanboy.
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