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Sony adds 320kbps quality to 'Music Unlimited' music streaming

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Sony has announced that Music Unlimited subscribers are about to get a nice quality boost. As of today, all 18 million tracks will be available in 320kbps AAC audio. PlayStation 3, Android and PC users will be able to take advantage. While 320k is not a huge upgrade over other services which offer 256kbps, Sony had previously utilized just 48kbps, so the boost should be highly noticeable ...

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You're right....Not a big improvement. When you consider that iTunes has lossless HD quality ALAC audio available, 320 AAC is a joke.
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...Sony had previously utilized just 48kbps...
And people were paying Sony for this? I should start an online music business renting out MIDI files...

Damn, Sony. Get it together already! What is this, Youtube in 2004?

Even funnier is remembering back to when they (all, in fairness, not just Sony) tried to tell us 128kbps was 'CD quality'.
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