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Nero-SHN plug-in

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I nned a download site for a SHN file extension to work with Nero 6. For some reason

does not allow me to download the plug-in. thanks
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First, why do you need the plugin for Nero?

Second, download and install Winamp, then go to this site and download his program to decode SHNs.

You will be able to play shns and then decode them, turning them into perfect repro Wav files.

Then Burn them with Nero!
I just downloaded the SHN plugin from the website wihout any problems. Maybe you should give it another try. :-)


Why sould he install another program that can possibly conflitct with his delicate burning setup (I said possibly...) You can find the plugin (which I have not tested so any problems should not be specifically addressed to me) here:

This is an amazingly imformative site with many places to find information and help. Please support it.

There should be no conflict whatsoever.
I run Nerom Winamp and have the shn program downloaded, everything works superbly!

This shn decoder/decompressor is a very well written program that is easy to run and should not conflict at all.

And "NO", why should that easily obtained info make me nervous??????

I know more about you then you could imagine!

Actually, virtually none of the info you posted about me is correct.
My ISP is definately NOT charter, and Isp #'s alter almost constantly!

I may be working through charter at the moment, but it is not even close to my isp!
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Dude...are you flaming me about my forum pic? 'so are you nervous in the service?' something like that...yeah, I didn't make that, i'm too lazy throw up server to host my own forum pic. Check out the info on that pic, I dunno where its from anymore, just something I found a while back.
I know more about you then you could imagine!
Are you serious? I can imagine quite alot...and just to defend the standard of the code that operates that pic: as long as you are connecting to the internet that ip displayed will be correct, less you are incredibly good at hacking, but then you wouldn't be spending your anonymous internet time posting on a forum would you? A list is available to find your isp via the first few digits of your ip addy, the list for my forum pic has apparenly not been updated recently. For my isp is not correctly identified either. A small tip when you feel like posting something...when you see a small grey line towards the end of the post, that's the begining of the signature; that means that nothing below that line is directed to the post, or posters.

Oh defend my previous post: I made a mistake, I thought when you instructed him to install winamp you meant for him to burn the file through winamp as well, and installing another cd burning application has been know to screw up peoples systems, just seach around this board.

Finally, tipper: here's a download link, if that doesn't work pm me.

This is an amazingly imformative site with many places to find information and help. Please support it.

I just want to download a SHN plug-in to Nero. I have the flac plug-in.I do not want to buy winapp pro for fast burning because I already have Nero 6.Thanks for all of the input. msb5150 you have a pm.
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