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Pew: Facebook losing American interest

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According to a recent Pew Internet & American Life Project survey, U.S. residents are quickly losing interest in Facebook, the dominant social networking behemoth. About 70 percent of all online Americans use Facebook, compared to 16 percent for Twitter and 20 percent for LinkedIn. The report, which cites the survey of 1000 Americans aged 18-99, is called "Coming and Going on Facebook." ...

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Wow! More for LinkedIn than Twitter? I had no idea they were that popular.
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Yes, sign me up!
I certify that I want to be used like a street whore by cynical, smirking, sharks who use their constantly shifting privacy rules to rob me of my personal information.
I further certify that I will try and involve family members and strangers in the same.
I further affirm that I have an extra Y chromosome and fully expect at some point to have my credit rating compromised.
I have no use for any of these parasitical sites. Had a Facebook account once years back simply because of some girl who moved away and wanted to stay in touch, but after 3 months of Facebook crap in my email I cancelled it. Had Linkedin for about the same time, that was even worse than Farcebook was, and I've never touched Twit-er. Just have no reason to tell perfect strangers what I'm doing at all times.
Right now I'm scratching my nu...sorry

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