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Apple to lose 'iPhone' trademark in Brazil

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According to sources familiar with the ruling, Brazil's Institute of Intellectual Property has voted to strip Apple of the "iPhone" trademark in the nation. A local company that registered the name in 2000 will be granted the trademark. Gradiente Eletronica SA, a Brazilian consumer electronics maker, registered the name, "iphone" (with no caps), seven years before Apple introduced the phone. ...

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"How can one enjoy his or her money with taxes so high!"
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seems apple have stolen the name its a wonder the brazilian company didn't sue them in other countries

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I can't help but think this is exactly not what is supposed to happen in a proper copyright court. Kind of sad how the same laws that allowed them to do so are now used to punish companies for doing greedy shit. Instead we should be enacting laws that would prevent them from doing so in the first place.

But then I guess the lawyers would be out of a job if we did this logically.
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