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Sony cuts PS Vita sales forecast sharply, again

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Sony drops PS Vita sales expectations by 3 million units. The company had initially estimated that it would sell 16 million PS Vita and PSP units (it combines both handhelds' figures) during this Fiscal Year, which ends March 31, before cutting its estimates not long after to 12 million. In November, it dropped its expectations again, down to 10 million. Sony just reported a 15 percent ...

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i have a vita and now oing to sell it because i cant play marvel vs capcom 2 on remote play. useless hardware

"How can one enjoy his or her money with taxes so high!"
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Another less than outstanding but highly priced product turns to cr@p for them.
They really need to turn things around asap, it would not be good for gaming to see Sony leave manufacturing.
Keep treating your customers like their only value is $$$ and it will catch up to you.
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If it had been a phone as well then it would have flown off the shelf.

Its a lot easier being righteous than right.

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