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Evasi0n iOS 6.1 jailbreak updated to fix bugs, Cydia apps fix weather app, reboot time

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Update address bugs with weather, reboot. Some users who opted to jailbreak their iOS 6.0-6.1 devices using the evasi0n jailbreak tool from evad3rs this week were reporting a couple of problems afterwards. Some users complained of issues with the iOS Weather app, where it would crash spontaneously. Another problem came when rebooting the device, with users reporting long time for the ...

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diggum1 Unverified new user
I still can't use the weather app despite updating the relevant files 10min ago and when I try to open the native weather app it crashes to desktop
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kriskori Unverified new user
i have a slightly different problem my settings app crashes and puts me back to desktop and also seems to be killing my battery pretty quick aswell?
nick3 Unverified new user
this seems to fix the reboot, but not the weather app
gav1 Unverified new user
weather app still dont work batt drains like theres no tommrow and i think the software is realy buggy and also make a call and it get rid of the dialer screen
Fanho Unverified new user
Easy way to fix weather app....
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Install ios 6x weather fix package.
Thats it
noander Unverified new user
Originally posted by Fanho:
Easy way to fix weather app....
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Install ios 6x weather fix package.
Thats it
thanks this works perfect....
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