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Microsoft Surface Pro selling out everywhere

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The Microsoft Surface Pro has sold out at multiple retailers during this weekend's launch. The 128GB version of the tablet has sold out at Microsoft, Best Buy and Staples, although the 64GB model remains available through Microsoft. Although the news can possibly be attributed to low supply, Microsoft must be happy that its $999 tablet has already sold out, just hours into launch. ...

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Although the news can possibly be attributed to low supply
^ This.

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Still...they sold a million $250 laptops for $1000 each...not bad. The ipad now has serious competition from something even more overpriced yet capable of tasks even androids cant do.

omfg u retards are paying $999.00 for those piles of scrap!!

wow. there are more retards than smart people on this planet lol.

these people are a dime a dozen

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Parachute, Used Once, never opened small stain.
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Supply and demand. If people want something, they'll pay for it, one way or another.

I won't get an Surface tablet anytime soon, much less an iPad.
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