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Egypt blocks YouTube over 'anti-Islam movie'

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'Innocence of Muslims' leads to YouTube block. The 13 minute thoroughly-unentertaining train wreck of a "movie trailer" has actually led to an Egyptian court blocking the entire YouTube service for a month. The video - which claims to be a trailer for a longer movie - is fairly pathetic, but so is the Egyptian court's response to it. In the Muslim world, depicting the Islamic prophet ...

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They had a revolution to get a more free society...then the only candidates were communists and religious control freaks. It was obvious what would happen. Their communist party actually supported the Muslim Brootherhood; they knew they could not win and they wanted a leader that would spark another revolution as soon as possible...and they admit it openly in the international press.
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Odd, the West was grovelling around Morsi's feet when he was saving the terrorists in Palestine from being pasted by the Israelis;a week later he proclaims himself dictator!
The sad-sacks in the West who are elected to ruin - sorry, run - their countries have no idea.
what a bunch of wine asses. 1 egyptian gets pissed and blocks the whole site.

ya know what .. i don't care, that's there problem not mine. I can still watch you tube and watch, anti-Islamic movies, and watch anti- ANYTHING movies. and not care about it, even if its against american's. its just peoples opinions.
As many Arabs have stated the best way to avoid something in the future like this occurring again is to just ignore it, since all this drama caused the video to go viral. It didn't deserve this much attention

Originally posted by attar:
the terrorists in Palestine from being pasted by the Israelis

Before you use the terrorists card again, Who's occupying who again ?

That's all it takes to piss 'em off?

Maybe we should draw a picture of Mohammad on all our vehicles so they quit blowing them up?

Oh, Im sorry... Did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?
I am buying a fuck mohammed t-shirt!!!

And yes you can buy them from selected websites.

I am expecting a Jihad on my ass soon with the number of muslim nutters in the UK (ThaTS ALL OF THEM)...

Remember 6 million of the worlds most intelligent people dies and not a single German said anything and what did we replace them with yip 60 million of the worlds most destructive , non-creative , mysoginistic , homophobic , violent (do i really need to go on?) ...same is happening now - billions of muslims are just not saying anything about the terrorist minority so its the majority that are actually gonna cause the biggest problems for us in future!!!

Remember it well you heard it here and not for the first time folks!
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