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Bit9 hacked, customers targeted with malware

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Security firm hacked because it wasn't running its own software. Bit9, a company that provides security solutions to customers, said it was hacked and a number of its customers were targeted with malware. It admitted that it could have avoided the hack if it had implemented its own software properly on its network. Bit9 is a "white listing" service provider with customers that range ...

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Now this doesnt shock me at all.

Why most of these so called security firms that store your data dont tell you hi where running windows server 2003 or hi where running the latest windows server version which has been hack bent over a table patched and taken for a ride.

Even as a beta tester i had to test the 30 day trial for windows server 2003 within 5 minutes i had ti activated the timebomb removed replaced the driver cab from a legit version of windows xp pro and installed a service pack done
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