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Apple to rush iOS 6.1.1 to fix 3G and battery issues

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Apple is going to rush out the iOS 6.1.1 update to fix bugs in iOS 6.1, according to a report from German site iFun. Apple released the iOS 6.1 update late in January and quickly started to receive complaints about decreased battery life and problems with 3G signal. Such complaints arise after almost every iOS update, but in this case it has gotten to a point where wireless carriers have ...

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question are they unlocked....

because i have been using 6.1 without issues on a 3gs iphone and a iphone 4s no issues
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I've been on 3G with a 4s and haven't had a problem on 6.0, but my coworker has the same phone on the same connection (both on AT&T) and he has had relentless problems with battery-life, especially in the cold weather. His phone has been replaced once already for related battery issues and he updated to 6.1 expecting a change but he said after 2 days he didn't notice a difference. I'm staying on 6.0 until the 6.1.1 is out. There may be a battery life issue that I just haven't noticed

Dustyhump Unverified new user
I'm using a iPhone 4 with iOS 6.1 and have tried numerous things as far as trying to start anew and can't shake my battery dying every hundred minutes. That doesn't stop while the phone is off in my case, and there's no way to backdate or find an update to fix it because I don have a 4s.
:(:(.:(:(:(:( I'm very disappointed with the pack of options I'm having with a part time fix to having a cellphone):):
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