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Vertu's luxury Android phone costs just $10,000

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Vertu's latest luxury smartphone comes with a hefty $10,000 price tag, and it doesn't even support 4G networks. The Android-running Vertu Ti starts around US$10,000, but cost double that based on which model you choose, and it doesn't even support 4G networks. For Vertu though, it is not about being at the bleeding edge of technology, it is about craftsmanship and making a device that ...

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10k for a phone? Must have a "special" mode for vibrate once you put it in your pocket. Must be or it does a great job for giving you that "you got screwed feeling"? Either way hahaha.

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that phone is ugly. the uber rich don't care though. those are the only types (or the posers) who would throw their money away on a phone like that.
Money clearly doesn't buy style..
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