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Samsung has prepared 'enormous' launch for upcoming Galaxy S IV

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According to Jefferies analyst Peter Misek, Samsung is preparing an "enormous" launch for its upcoming Galaxy S IV. From launch time until the end of the year, the company is planning to build 100 million of the new smartphones, a massive number. Most expect the Galaxy S IV to at least be unveiled in March or April, if not released then. "The enormous 100 million S4 build plan (we ...

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will be good to see what happens
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Originally posted by xtago:
will be good to see what happens
yeah hopefully the phones good xD
I hope it isn't over-hyped.

S3 is still a good phone.
Will be interesting/dissapointing to see how they cripple the US version.
The s3 is a great phone, just hope they make the s4 a little more durable as my old mans cracked his lense for a second time, curved glass feels nice but isnt a good idea in the real world.
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