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VIDEO: Sony looks back at PSP, forward for PSVita

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In another one of its "Evolution of PlayStation" series, Sony has looked back at the PlayStation Portable (PSP) and covers its PSVita handheld. Having already made videos for the original PlayStation console (1995), the PlayStation 2 (2000) and the PlayStation 3 (2006), Sony has now reminisced about the PlayStation Portable, released starting in 2004. It touts the PSP's large screen ...

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its today!!! well here in my country xD
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ok ok ok hold on lets take a look at this for a second:

Evolution of PlayStation" series, lol yea right.....

psone. controller has 2 joysticks. ps2 controller has 2 joy sticks
ps3 2 joysticks.

psp 1 joystick

psvita back to 2 joysticks.

actual different in ALL PS gamesystems. the look of the case.... graphics bump just a bit...... not much else... i dont call that evolution.. im sick of these game company saying there system is the NEXT GEN when it hasnt done anything different from last years pile of shi*. the new wii u is something twards that.. with an on screen controller. but still kiddie games and graphics. i will buy a wii u before i touch a ps4 or then new xbox ESPECIALLY if they cant play used games.. there goes over 60 of the gammers. since alot dont even FUCKING HAVE INTERNET YOU M$ DOOSHBAGS!
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