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Microsoft warns Gears of War pirates

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With a copy of Gears of War: Judgment leaking over a month earlier than its release date, Microsoft has warned pirates who download and play it. As with cases of previous leaks, Microsoft has warned Xbox 360/Live users who download and play the recent leak of Gears of War: Judgment, due to be released on March 19. "We are aware of isolated cases in which Gears of War: Judgment content ...

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I don't understand how these games get into the wild so easily pre-release.
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Leaked game could have come from anywhere in the chain from manufacturer to distributor

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or from microsoft themselfs remember the halo debacle lets place a full version of halo online on a server that the press can only get to to make commercials and what happened oh yea server cracked game leaked also most people dont play leaked games online so m$ can go jump off a short pier
Pirated games are illegal???? OMG
thedudeman Unverified new user
Pirated games are the best!! M$ & s0ny can both blow each other ...
until games come back down in price (which will never happen)
I wont be spending the same amount of money on a game as i do on an 8th of good bud.. :) GO Piracy!!!! WHOOOOOAAAHHH!!
The theory goes that MS or someone close to MS leaks the game themselves. They then have an excuse to ban anyone that gets caught playing the game early, therefore meaning that person will have to buy a new console plus Live subscription if they want to get online again. So the money they lose from leaking a game is more than made up for by people having to buy new consoles/subscriptions. Not saying that's a fact, it's just one theory that gets circulated a lot.
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