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Nokia planning their cheapest Lumia device yet

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Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has suggested today that the company is working on their lowest priced Lumia device yet. The company has been rumored to be exiting the high-end smarpthone market dominated by Samsung and Apple to attempt to dominate the low-end and emerging markets as they once did with Symbian. According to Elop, the new device will be priced even lower than the newly unveiled ...

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great. this clearly means nokia did not find a potential in win 8 phone OS so that they could comfortably sell high-end smartphones.

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I think the Windows Phone OS' are great. Look nice, smooth, and for the most part gets the job done. It all comes down to 3rd party app support within the Marketplace though, and that's the only real con I have with my Nokia. A con that can't be ignored sometimes sadly.

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