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Can I turn my lcd laptop monitor into a desktop monitor?

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Laptops old and out of order so here's the question, could I disamble the lcd screen and wiring to create a lcd monitor for my desktop.

I know it sounds crazy but what the hell sounds like a project to me.

J. Brian Ewing
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Prisoner Suspended due non-functional email address
Yes its possible. You need to know how to solider though, and be very careful in removing the connection. The LCD screen is connected by a paper thin cable for most Comupter models. Easy thing for the pin assignment is to keep it connected and see how it runs into the video card. Or if possible (depends on age) remove the video card and adapt it as the display controler.

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Brian0079 Suspended due non-functional email address
Thanks prisoner. I don't know how to solider but what better time to learn. If this project bombs I don't care, I'm currently unemployed and have some time on my hands.

So I have the screen disconnected. It is a very old model so there is video card is built on the mobo. I have two wire bundles (also I'm new to computers so I don't have the terminology down) one is for video output I assume, long two rows, orange-brown in color. The other is much shorter and runs to a circuit borad connected to the screen adjustments.

So what do you think? I'm an idiot right. Look I either spend my day doing this and trying to drum up freelance work or crawl into a bottle and wait for the end.

Thanks again Prisoner
Prisoner Suspended due non-functional email address
Sounds like fun. Any body who is willing to experiment and try something new is NOT an idiot.

Interesting, I was expecting two cables, one flat with lots of connections on it and might be orangeish brown. the other cable smaller linking to a power output on the mother board.

What is the model and namebrand of the old notebook?

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Brian0079 Suspended due non-functional email address
Your right about the wiring. There is the one set with the a white harness of about 8 wires, the other an orangish brown harness of maybe thirty or forty wires.

I assume that the small white one which connects to the screen adjustments also supplies power? Yea or no?

The other would be all the actual image display jazz, right?

The laptop is a fujitsu lifebook 4350x.

Now out of my desk top monitor I obviously have two cords, one for power the other for connecting with the computer. Can we modify the wires of the old lcd to something similar?
Brian0079 Suspended due non-functional email address

I was wrong, it's model number is 435Dx not 4350. I'm blind.
SIKER Suspended due non-functional email address
I am actually doing the same exact thing just of yesterday and i am glad someone is allready talking about it.

I have a really old toshiba 440cdx monitor and i'm going to turn it into a all DOS screen. I have taken the whole thing apart and came across an interesting thing. There are 16 video wires leading out of the lcd panel, and 16 little teeth on one of those lcd to regular monitor converters.

I was wondering if any one new how to (if i can, and in what order) solider the 16 wires to the 16 teeth making it a workable dektop monitor.

Any replys would help.
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Well standard D-sub is actually 15-pins. I am not sure about DVI connections but I think there 24-pins.

I am trying to figure out the pin assignment to correlate with notebooks. I know there is a seperate power line to act as back light for the monitor.

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SIKER Suspended due non-functional email address
there is a seperate power line, with a small chip attached to it wich i am guessing regulates the power to the panel or something ( i dun know) i'll figure it out later how to convert that if possible.
SIKER Suspended due non-functional email address
oh man i just realized i made a mistake in previous post.

there are 20 pins in the converter and 20 wires out of the lcd.

there are 8 pairs so 16 wires put into pairs curled around eachother and 4 wires off by themselves.

also on the converter there are 16 pins and 4 more of to the side with one big pin in between them.

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You might find this link useful...
I am also trying to turn an old Toshiba Satellite Pro 415CS LCD screen into a monitor for my desktop computer. The only output from the screen is a 40-pin connector with very small wires that leads to the VGA Board in the notebook. From there, another connector with roughly 120-pins leads to the motherboard. Any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi, potatob, can you please clarify what the website you were trying to link to was? Because it isnt working in my browser. and HI everyone
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My dad use to own a computer store and he closed it about a year ago. I have about 15 laptops compaq's ibm's cheapo's and i have disassembled all the lcds i have the power all figured out. But i cannot figure how to wire the lcd. I was thinking about gettin a bread board at radio shack to start my prodject. Mind you i dont want to waste money on this. I was thinkin cuttin the vga cable off a old monitor. And figuring the pinout my only question is if i wire directly out of my video card on the desktop computer to the lcd itself should it display a picture. thank you for your time
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Hi ya guys!
I have taken out a Hitachi LMG5 200XT black n white LCD from an old Macintosh PowerBook 145 Laptop. It has a 26 Data Pins and 2 red wires which i think is for power. I would like to turn it into a desktop monitor or a TV screen. Please help thanks a lot!
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hey i think this is pretty cool idea
but after every ones done turing the laptops screen in to a desktop screen

how do you plan on keeping the screen up? and not only that put how do you plane on ajusting the screen?

usally when i change my display settings from 1074x768
to 800x600 the screen needs to have small adjustmets
to veiw proply
i just pulled my old laptop apart. the model LCD display is N141X201 and the manufacturer is CHI MEI. I was wondering what needs to be done for me to either get the display working as a desktop monitor or working as a tv display...or both! is it hard to do? is it possible? anything would be great, thanks
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This Seems like a slow fourm so why not add my input, I am also intrested on entering this project and I am supried to see all the others who have engaged in this topic. I have a 1600x1200 resolution LCD screen off of a Dell Inspiron 8200 .. My 8200 is getting a little on the aged side.. and It is starting to make me a little unstatisfied with its perfomance (CS:S runs at 13-24 fps) So I'm building a desktop, but I dont want to buy a new monitor, I love this one and i havent seen any LCD that I'd want to replace it with. Plus this project sounds fun and original.. and what better to show off your new dektop with a monitor that you rigged yourself form your old laptop.. starting this may also start a trend of wanting to use other things from my aging laptop for my new desktop such as the keyboard or other components inside like the hard drive. I wan tto try to be original with things as much as I can and this seems like the perfect approach to something that I love to do.
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I am a newbie here.My head is brimming with some ideas..and want to know some practicalities to it.I want to turn my old notebook into a mini dvd-player/ mini TV for the bedroom. The pic quality is brilliant. even the sound cards are good.Can someone please tell me if thsi is possible..and what are the major things i shud look to..for making this a possibility.
Thanks for reading this.. and wanting to help :).
I'm throwing my hat into the ring here. My son has a project to do for his gifted class, and we're looking at taking the LCD from an old Toshiba t440 laptop and mounting it into the side of a case. The main thing of course is to figure out the wiring.
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After reading up a lot about this topic, i have concluded that this is pretty much impossible to do, considering the different voltages used by lcd screens on laptops and that used in common desktop lcds, a lot of other forums have also stated that this will not work, good luck to your 'gifted' son though
hey i have a NEC laptop monitor and i just took it out...are u sure there is no way that the conversion can be done? i read someplace u need like a controller or sumthing
There are a few points that need to be noted before everyone gets too excited.

The first thing to note is that VGA is an analogue display technology. Secondly, laptop LCD's are 100% digital. There is no correlation between VGA and LCD they are two totally different beasts and LCD's will only accept a correct digital input.

The standard for this input for most LCD's is presently (of 2004/2005) - Low voltage differential signaling (LVDS). In fact that thin "paper ribbon cable" on the back of your LCD is referred to as a LVDS cable. To read up on LVDS go here section 4.2.

The other cable going into the back of your old laptop LCD is the backlight power. The makeup of this cable varies between model but the norm is roughly that this cable is fed from an LCD inverter. In other words the LCD backlight normally takes power in the form of AC rather than DC and it normally needs lots of it. Input power to the inverter is normally in the range of 5v - 12v. What you need to do is find the (EXACT) model number of your LCD on the back of it then go searching Google for specifications. Once you have that you can go here and they sell a VGA input board hopefully suitable for your LCD screen. As far as I am tell Digital View don't sell direct so you will need to find a local distributor willing to order the board in.

Of course if you are going to go to the trouble of getting a LCD controller and power supply etc. it would probably be cheaper to buy a used external LCD monitor on Ebay (although not as cool).

The only other option I have discovered is a board called "Margi Display-to-Go PC CardBus 4MB Video Output VGA/DVI" which has since been discontinued. The cool thing about this board is that it had a DFP cable output which meant theoretically that could wire it into the existing LCD controller board from your old laptop and it "may" work. I have not been able to find any of these new or used on Ebay or elsewhere on the Internet.

So in summary, it would seem that it is cheaper (and faster/easier/practical etc.) to go and buy a new (albeit budget) LCD monitor than to retrofit an LCD panel you have pulled from an old laptop. This is quite annoying especially for me as I have quite a few old laptop lying around the house and it would be way cool to reuse them but having to spend 200/USD$350 for a controller and adapters does not make sense.
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Very well said Johnathon!

That is partially why I said you need to know how to soilder. I have been playing with cut off the video controller from the mother board and solidering on the cable direct. This is very painful as boards seem to be changing.

Depending on the notebook, very few seem to isolate the video controller form the motherboard, most are now intergrated. Why I say this is the thing that used to run the LCD is the best thing to run it in the PC. But converting an old video board to fit a PCI slot is being more of an Engineeering Master's project. If your lucky and the video controler is isolated, then adapting it seems quite crazy. The easiest thing I can think of is buy or use and old PCI video card and solder in the conections of the old Notebook video controller to it. Then leting windows know what type of monitor you have seems like it might be later software fun, or I could be wrong and Generic LCD might work. I am still using a hack saw to cut the old mother board right now :)

So Yes I still think its possible. But No others should really try doing it. Because BenQ LCD's are now under $200!!!
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how much would a controller cost me? i have a NEC NL10276BC26-09 ?
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