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what are the best "pay for" mp3 sites?

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just curious, what are the best "pay for" mp3 etc.. sites? I've seen so many but am kinda scared to prepay for something I havent tried yet. I was looking at one that is $1.50 a month for unlimited downloads. Its called mp3downloadhq. Has anyone tried this or heard of it. What are the best ones to use?
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the best ones i can say (even though that arnt realy mp3s) are napster and itunes music store

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You download protected .M4P files from iTunes. You can convert to .MPA with program called Hymn and convert .MPA to .MP3 with dBpower AMP Music converter (have to also install the codec for MPA). The two utils are free. I haven't played with Napster. Can these be converted to MP3?
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The best site on the moment is the are not very cheap but the working hard online and offline.

The New World In Music.
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There has been much debate, but the legality of this Russian site appears to be completely watertight, conforming to all the relevant Russian laws for music distribution. Better yet, only 1c per Mb (US$), and you tell them what format you want it in and in what bitrate. Full streaming previews if you have credit on your account, and the credit card handling seems fine (I haven't been hit by the Russian mafia yet, and nobody else has reported it on the web either). Have a look.
#6 -- no it's not as cheap as $1.50 a month.. that's almost crazy.. don't see how they could afford to keep up the servers on that. I've been using for a while now.. everything is 10 cents per song, no matter the size. I loaded $30 onto my account because I wanted the 10% bonus.. so far I haven't even used half of that and downloaded over 140 mp3s at extremely pleasing speeds. It's extremely easy to find what your looking for, and you can preview the entire songs in lofi before you buy them. They also update with 5~20 albums a day.. very nice.

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I also created another variation called .. not searchable, but you can preview full songs easily before buying. raised their prices *sigh*, but it's worth it if your needing high quality mp3s. Otherwise, is the way to go for home/car audio =)
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why would u wanna pay for mp3s bearshare is free and legal you could even download a full version of it off of the trial version
check it out

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The bearshare software alone is legal, the trading of MP3s is what is NOT legal. Not only that, filesharing can be a nightmare.. and the download speed is never consistant. You also don't know if the mp3 your downloading is legit or if there are bad spots in the file... or maybe they are just 30 minute long mp3s of no sound that the RIAA started distributing to make it harder for people to download what they want. Face it, for the time it takes you to find one song in reasonable quality.. 10 cents is more than worth the time you would have wasted trying to download a song off of a P2P client. Instant downloads, always online, never a bad copy, high speed servers...
but somepeople arnt alowed to buy stuff online or dont have a credit card

Im a balla who needs help with my game downloads
well on some services you CAN pay with money order or check... and if your not allowed to buy online... how old are you? Do your parents rather you steal? O_O I'm so confused, my fragile little mind is about to explode.

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Best Pay Sites You Should Check Out!

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I'd have to agree with
Can't beat the price and the quality. Worth $1 per album to get the full album in variable bitrate.
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