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Limmy711 Suspended due non-functional email address
Ok, I'm sure someone's posted these questions before and I know the answers are in the manuals...somewhere. I can't seem to find the answers to my questions though. So here it goes. Any help will be appreciated. I have two questions:
1) How do I get subtitles onto my avi's?
2) How do I split the avi's into smaller files so I can fit them on CD?

Right now I am using vobdec gui and flask mpeg. if I am using the incorrect software to do what I want, please give me more information on what I need to get. By the way, I am able to rip DVD's and get them into AVI's just fine, I just need help on my two questions. Thanks
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1) Subtitles are ripped using SubRip and converted to SRT format. An SRT file is just a text file with time codes & corresponding subtitle information. You need to use a DivX player capable of viewinging them in order to actually see the subtitles imposed on the picture. DivX Digest has a good subtitle ripping guide available at
2) You can use Virtualdub to split an AVI file. Just choose "Direct stream copy" for both video and audio, select the range you want to copy, and hit "Save as AVI.."
Limmy711 Suspended due non-functional email address
Thanks for the information. Been looking for an easier guide to read for a long time. Thanks again!
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