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gaborea Suspended due non-functional email address
Hi Guys,

I'm a newbie here. I downloaded DVD
Decrypter for Mac. A file named
"dawnload.cfm" appeared on my desktop.
Now what should I do to install and run
the program?

thanks a lot,

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Heh, I assume you're using Netscape -- at least Windows' Netscape does this sometimes. The thing is that some browsers don't understand that they're not downloading the download script (dawnload.cfm), but instead a file that was redirected from this script. What you need to do, is to download the file and rename it afterwards to correct filename; or to change browser.
gaborea Suspended due non-functional email address

I'm using the latest version of IExplorer. Anyway, what's the "correct name" for this program I want to install?

Thanks a lot!

Basically it shouldn't matter what name you change it to -- just rename it to whatever.sit (or whatever extension Mac installation packages normally have, I don't know :-) and open it with your favourite uncompressing tool.
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