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Cyberkidd Inactive
Ok here is my story. I have been doing backups of my anime and it works fine, although I would like to know how to put the subtitles on there also. But my real question is, when I do backups of my live dvds (little nicky, ready to rumble) the video slows down sometimes and becomes unsynced, then it speeds back up to catch up with the audio (which the audio runs fine throughout the entire video) I tried deinterlacing, and now I am wondering if it is hardware? I am running a p2 400/128 megs/Dvd (I/O Magic). Do I need more ram? Does my hardware specs look ok? Really in a jam! :)
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Sounds like you _might_ be running out of CPU power. You can try solving the problem by 1) buying a faster processor, 2) using a lower bitrate or 3) compressing the videos to less CPU-intensive format.
Cyberkidd Inactive
Thanks...that is what I was wondering. I am about to buy a system off of a friend of mine. dual Xeon 550's/512 mgs ...on top of that working on finishing my second system dual p3 1000 with 2 gigs of ram...I got some inheritance :)
Cyberkidd Inactive
The thing is my anime comes out looking great! ...I guess anime is less "powerhungry" than live dvds.
Yes, anime takes significantly less CPU resources than "real life action". That's one reason why "original" DivX codec has those two different modes - one for fast movement movies and one for more "stable"/"slower" movies. The way how basically all MPEG videos, despite the "number" of MPEG, work is that they use previous frame's information that hasn't change since in order to draw a new frame. And when you have helluva lot of action going on, basically each frame has to contain full picture because it can't use previous frame's information. And that grows the bitrate required for that frame and takes more CPU time to play.
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Cyberkidd Inactive
So the idea of me getting more power should fix my problem?
You should test it first before investing -- and no, we _don't_ pay your expenses if upgrading your CPU doesn't help ;-)
Cyberkidd Inactive
hahaha very funny
if you r going to buy xeons i would see or at least look into a xeon with a 1meg or 2meg L2 MUCH FASTER!!!!!!
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