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Playing VCD DVD Rip

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AlanCake Inactive
Greetings from Scotland

Just bought a NAPA 311 VCD/MP3 player. Been using VCD Galaxy to rip DVDs and create a supposedly VCD compliant mpg file.

The file plays fine using Windows Media player. However when I burn it on to CD (I've used both Nero 5.5 and Roxio Easy CD creator 5) the sound looks fine but the picture appears 'jumpy'. Its hard to explain the actual picture quality is fine it just appears to jump every few seconds.

The only clue I have is that when burning using Easy CD I get a warning message saying something about the pack size of the video stream might be a problem. Any ideas?

Kind regards

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That might be a problem - try turning VCD error checking on with Nero and see if Nero gives you error as well. It might be (very unlikely anyway) that VCDgalaxy pack gives you wrong bitrate for some reason (sure you created VCD and not SVCD?).

Only other thing what comes to mind is PAL/NTSC issue - maybe you encoded NTSC movie using PAL settings or vice versa.

Have you tried any downloaded VCD rips with your player to see if it works with some VCD movies (but not with yours)?
AlanCake Inactive
Thanks for getting back to me.

I checked the PAL settings etc were correct. I also should say that I can play downloaded VCDs in my player. I don't know what else to look at. VCD galaxy is definitely making me 'stuttery' CDs.
You should ask this from author of the VCDGalaxy combo pack, URL:
When you are using vcd galaxy make sure you chose progressive instead of interlaced under the setting tabs under advanced the should solve the problem. Dont think it is the burning software. did you change any other settings? there is a newer 3 phase VCD Galaxy! let me know what happened at
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