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i just got a dvd rom drive and my system won't recognize that its there. Is there a program that i need to put on my system first so it will read it or what? Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks
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Which OS are you running? Does your BIOS detect the drive at boot time?

And no, under Windows OSes there is no need for a driver for a DVD-ROM drive.

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i am using windows 98. When i boot it doesn't say anything to the effect of there being new hardware on the computer and what not. I know that with other drives that i have bought i needed a program on there first which came with the drive but this one was bought used from family and there was no disk.
First you need to make sure that the computer itself (not Windows) recognizes the drive. It's impossible to give precise instructions. You should consult your computer's / motherboard's instructions manual and verify that you have connected and jumpered the DVD drive properly.

When the BIOS detects the drive at boot time, Windows adds it to the system configuration automatically.
i checked the manual and changed some stuff like it said and it still didn't work. i am sure that it is hooked up correctly so i don't think that that is the problem. Any other advice would be appreciated but if there isn't any thanks for all the help so far.
DVD drives are 100% Plug&Play, so if it's hooked up correctly, Windows should detect it.

Just in case, you might want to check out the following guides:,5594,2252548-4,00.html

The latter includes information on how to install a decoder card aswell.
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