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VCD Galaxy - Using The DVDRip ComboPack To Create VCD's And S-VCD's

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Has anyone used VCD Galaxy combopack to burn NTSC S-vcd's ? I appreciate the 3 step process but I want the output in NTSC format and not PAL. Or, are the PAL files playable in the US? Are there NTSC templates anywhere or is there a guide on the mods to make NTSC S-VCD files? TIA
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You can use the templates provided with TMPGEnc (SuperVideoCD (NTSC).mcf and VideoCD (NTSC).mcf).
I have dvd rip combo pack (V2.7).Unable to rip dvd to hard drive(step#1).What am I missing? Thanks
Your drive might have problems authenticating the disc. Try closing VCDGalaxy and open some software DVD player, like PowerDVD, and play the movie for few seconds. Close the player and try to rip it again.
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