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How do you update your band information?

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Hello everyone,

I may be stupid but how do you access to the page to upload mp3 files when you already have registered?

Thank you,

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You go to our homepage, and you click the button that says "Artist Login" (on left-hand navigation bar) -- if you're already logged in, it redirects you to the correct page ; if not, you are asked to type in your login and password.

After this you get into "Artist Control Center" where you see few options, one of those is "Add, update or remove tracks that you share through our site" -- by clicking that you got into page that allows you to control the MP3 files you have on our site (page itself also has pretty long guide how to do the actual uploading/updating/removing).

Hopefully this helps,

-Petteri Pyyny, webmaster
If I click on Artist login it sends me to the signup page. If I try to edit my information, I can do so except uploading mp3 files. I'm really sorry I don't want to bug you with that. Is it a cookie issue? Thanks for help.

What exactly happens when you try to upload MP3s?

Normally, you get in to the form that has two input boxes, other one is for track name and other one for actual file. The filebox has "Browse" button next to it. You should click that and locate the MP3 file from your own hard drive (so, this does NOT allow you to insert a URL there) and choose that. After that you just hit the submit and your browser should start uploading the file. This can take many, many minutes with slow 56k connection. And that's why we always recommend to upload the music with broadband connection if you have access to one.

And no, it doesn't have anything to do with cookies if you're able to edit your other information.
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