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I wanna ask you to tell me if there is a way of adjusting the movie syze, because I've ripped one movie but it is very big- about 1 gb and I wanna compress it to about 650 mb.... Please tell me if it can be compressed with Virtualdub how?
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What did you rip it with??? That sounds very short...Typically when I rip the RAW is between 3.5-10 GB...But, if it is in RAW form then yes you can smash it up a bit with virtual-dub...And I suggest that you get a plug-in for it called nan-dub...
Sounds like Sasho has used some rip packs and has result of 1GB DivX or VCD clip. Otherwise 1GB is extremely small. But if the case is that you've actually encoded the movie already into DivX or VCD and the result is appx 1GB then you just have one reasonable option -- if you're encoding into DivX, rip the movie again (assuming that your rippack has deleted the raw material already) and set the compression level higher. If you got VCD clip out of your ripping, you can't get it any smaller -- VCD bitrate is fixed.
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