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im a nebie to this forum plz help me out!!!!!!!

hi there i am ripping my first dvd..and am having probs. I have got to the last stage where the movie is to be encoded to vcd/svcd using 'vcd galaxy dvd rip combo v2.6'
here is what happens,
i hve managed to get to stage 3 using the combo pack..while ripping.
encode to final vcd/svcd..when i click on the 3rd stage it opens TMPGEnc.
I follow the instruc..but there are no buttons displayed on the TMPGEnc..what i mean is the buttons r there greyed and have no writtings of what the buttons are..? even the buttons wrk..??
whats happening.........????????
so even if i try 2 follow the guide (vcd galaxy) and click on LOAD button bottom right hand corner nxt 2 settings and does not wrk...the main prob is that there are no writtings TMPGEnc.
I have d/l the prog again still same thing.

I installed the prog(vcd galaxy combo pack) on another machine just know and when i clicked on the final stage all the buttons and wriitings were showing??? i am confuseed and there may be conflict with something else.
Is there anything else i can can i solve this..? i jhave just stored tge dvd onto my hdd going via the stages...and i hope it is not a waste of 9 hrs or so.

plz help
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