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dvd to vhs

djoli Suspended due non-functional email address
Hi there post the first time here, hope you can help me.
Im trying to copy Dvd to Vhs.
Ive got a Creative Encore Dxr3 Card wich is connect to my Vcr.
But the Macrovison protection bust it.
I try Remote Selector V1.73 V1.74 and V1.77
nothing works.
Someone told me V1.79 should work but I only find it on thier Homepage where you must register.
Also tryed rip to Dvd to my Harddisk and play it from there.
My Player (Creative PC-DVD PLayer) doesnt work. It plays only single Vob Files.
Power DVD shuld work i heard but i only have the trial Version wich plays 5 Minutes of a DVD.
Do you know any other Method or where I can get Remote Selector V1.79 or Power DVD full version?
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