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We need feedback from both artists and regular users in order to develop our band section to serve both parties better.

What type of service you would love to see in our band section? Streaming radio, track reviews, ...? Feel free to comment!

-Petteri Pyyny, webmaster
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Eeks Inactive
How about adding separate info-files for each song? By clicking on a song user would go first to a html file titled with the song name and it would have a short description by artist that artist could edit anytime needed and a download link. It would also be nice if artists would be able to upload pictures also... But i know that automatic placing of pictures would be impossible?
Idea is worth exploring -- the artist section really needs some additional info and content. Thanks, we'll see what we can do (actually we can do pretty much everything, it's just matter of time and lack of it :-)
I just put some songs up here and they are already downloaded about 10 times in the first day. The thing is, I don't believe that it were full downloads. Are you able to show also the full downloads and not only the clicks on the songname?
greetz Reptile71
Unfortunately creating that kind of system is impossible -- it would require to drop the regular browser downloading and to use some kind of Java downloader instead and that would lead into whining from users.
Hi again
Thanx for answering, what I don't understand is that Vitaminic has a system like that nowadays and you advertise for them so I thought you maybe somehow also work together, maybe I'm wrong of course, but they managed to use a system that only counts the full downloads though I'm also not sure if that really works completely.
greetz reptile71
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They might have some funny serverside tracking as well -- building that kind of system would take time and as I'm the only programmer in our site, I wont spend my time on that at least not in near future :-)

And huh, what do you mean by advertising for Vitaminic? We don't have any relation with them and as far as I know, we haven't advertised them either..?
Sorry about the vitaminic advertsingmistake :-) I am uploading my songs to more sites and I mixed you up with Iuma. Sorry for that.
You must be a really busy guy, cause you answer the forum, work on this website and do it all on your own? Well if you could use some help :-) ..... For payment I only ask for some more exposure of my music... just kidding of course. By the way, is there any chance you could give me some feedback on the music of Reptile71?
greetz Reptile71
I just stumbled across mp3lizards today.
And I don't know where to begin. User ratings are nice, but its a bit more difficult to find stuff based on my tastes.

Having recommendations of what bands sound similar to each other would be nice.

Or I can just view this as an oppurtunity to experience a wide range of music by haphazardly downloading things.
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