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audio and video out of sync, please help

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danzac Suspended due non-functional email address
I used DaRippak to make a divx movie (avi file). the audio is about 17 seconds ahead of the video. How can I fix?
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danzac Suspended due non-functional email address
thanks for the link. I downloaded it but I'm a newbie. How do I work the Synchronizer?
maestro Inactive
What I like to do is time how far off the audio is with the video--use your best guess to the millisecond--then load your DivX file up in Syncronizer and click on the "synch" tab. Insert your guess for the audio delay (remember the positive or negative) and press "Test." Then you can make adjustments until the audio is exactly on. Good luck.
recompress the movie with more keyframes, bigger max and min quantizers, that solves the prob...

i tried to sync the audio too, but at the end it desynced again and again and again.. then tried to play with the movie encoding, and that helped. good luck!
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