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DVD Decoders & installation

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Darla Inactive
Help!!!!!!!!!!! I have installed Win.Zip and downloaded the DVD .03 Decoder from but I do not know how to install it so I can use my DVD Player. I click on the DVD player ICON and it tells me that I need to install a DVD Decoder. My system is a WinME 900MHz 128MB 30.0GB made by HP.
I know nothing about DVD's their drives, the decoders, how to install a decoder and such. I do have a DVD drive on my tower and according to my keyboard I have the DVD capability (it does say cd/dvd/mp3) & I did a search and found a DVD Player and icon on my computer.
For right now the DVD Player needs to be used to view a DVD that has a book and test on it for mechanics & autos.
Any help and instructions anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated.
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Wild guess, but there it goes anyway.. I assume that your sole purpose is to watch DVD movies on your computer, right?

If so, you've confused tons of things now. DVD Decoder v0.3 is meant for DVD ripping (that is, copying the DVD movie to your harddrive in order to make a backup of it), not for playing back DVD movies.

You need to make sure that you have DVD-ROM drive on your computer -- which, I assume, you have. Easiest way to check this, is to take a look at your CD/DVD drive's front panel. If it says DVD in there, you're good to go.

Next thing you need, is to get a DVD player -- excellent DVD players include PowerDVD and WinDVD. You can test these by downloading an evaluation version of them (they have evaluation restrictions -- PowerDVD plays only 30minutes of video, etc). PowerDVD's evaluation version can be found from here:

and WinDVD from here:

...if you like those tools, you have to purchase them in order to get rid of the evaluation limitations. You can purchase PowerDVD from this link (by using this link to purchase PowerDVD you also support our site a little):
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Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)
Darla Inactive
I won't be using the DVD Player to view movies anytime soon. For right now it is just to take a class in Autos that is on a DVD it is a book and test on a DVD.
I have downloaded the decoder but don't know how to install it. My drives do not say DVD but the CD-Write Plus drive accepts the DVD and ejects it when eject button is clicked on the decoder.
So, how do I install the decoder???
If your drive doesn't say DVD, it's not a DVD drive and therefor it cannot read DVDs. If you open Windows Explorer and take a look at the disc's content, you shouldn't be able to see anything.

However, if you have weird drive that really supports DVDs, but doesn't say it in the front (weird, I don't believe that, but it's worth a try), your problem is that DVD player requires a DVD decoder _card_ -- not a tool called DVD Decoder. DVD decoder is a card that can extract the information from the DVD without consuming CPU power.

But really, before rushing to shop or anything, check if the drive reads the disc -- open Windows Explorer and see if there's anything on the disc -- if not, your drive doesn't support DVDs, end of period.
Darla Inactive
Thanks for the great information it really helped and as it turns out my drive is not DVD supported. I will get it upgraded in the future so that it is.
Thanks again,
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