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Know of an easy to use dvd ripper????

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Please let me know where to get it!
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No such thing, sorry :-) Best bet would be to try out either VCDGalaxy DVD rip pack, available from here:

or Easydivx, from here:
there is a great and simple 2 part ripper that is stable to use. Try Da Rippak v3.0. when you install it and exe it the first time, press the parametres button and look to the bottom. Select the language and close. Restart the program and it will appear in English(most of the commands!!)The first button rips the DVD to the hard drive. the second button starts the encoding. This can take awhile, so be patient!! Most of mine take up to 5 hours!!! When its done,the 4 button start window will reappear. Remember to select "minimum size possible" for CD size and you can get a 2 hour DVD on one 650M CD!!
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