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malinois Suspended due non-functional email address
I know this is probabley a repeat of various posts. But, just need some direct answers please, not re directions to links that take ages to come up or do not come up at all (sorry if that sounds bolshie, i did not mean it)

1) Is is correct I need a DVD rive on my PC to copy DVD's?
2) Can DVD's be downloaded from shady places on the net? What's the address
3) If they can be downloaded onto CDR, can they only be played on my PC, or will a standalone DVD player play them?

Any other info is appreciated.

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1) Yes

2) I don't comment, as an administrator I wont promote software/movie piracy. DVDs can be copied for your own personal use, if you own the original copy.

3) Format called VCD.cfm" class="forum_link" target="_blank">VideoCD, or in short VCD, is a format that allows you to fit 74 minutes of better-than-VHS quality video into one regular CD. And those VideoCDs can be played in most of the stand-alone DVD players -- one movie normally takes 2 CDs, as movies tend to be around 100 minutes in length. From our software section ( ) you can find bunch of tools that allow you to copy your DVD movie into VCD format that then can be burned to regular CD with CD burning software like Nero or Easy CD Creator.

I would strongly recommend that you read other posts from this forum -- most of the questions are answered directly there. And most of the links redirect you to our site, which works 24/7/365.
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malinois Suspended due non-functional email address
thanks for the info. I appreciate your stance on the grey websites. No offence taken or intended I believe.

One other question. If I copy a DVD, does my standalone DVD player have to be chipped to play the disks????
No, VideoCDs - if your player supports them (most do) - don't have region codes or anything stupid like that. Of course your DVD and/or TV has to support the video standard the movie is stored in (NTSC or PAL), but that shouldn't be a problem as most of the DVD players can convert the signals nowadays.
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