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where is it dRD??

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danzac Suspended due non-functional email address
hey. You told me to use TMPGEnc and choose the SVCD template to create a MPEG2 file. but I can't find the template options to coose SVCD. do I have an older version or am I just blind? thanx.
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dRD has been moving from TW8 to W4 within London ;-)

Take a look at the main window of the TMPGEnc. In bottom-right corner you see three buttons. Hit "Load" and program opens a file dialog where you should see the templates that came with your TMPGEnc package (if not, use Windows' Find and look for *.mcf files). There you should see these templates:

SuperVideoCD (NTSC)
SuperVideoCD (NTSCFilm)
SuperVideoCD (PAL)
VideoCD (NTSC)
VideoCD (NTSCFilm)
VideoCD (PAL)

...just pick the one that suits for you -- NTSCFilm _ONLY_ if your movie source is 24fps.

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