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aramith Inactive
Ok I have ripped alot of moives to divx using smartripper and flaskmpeg. But when I tried to "Backup" my DVD of Slayers/Perfect Blue/Sakura Wars, the rip looks very ugly it is almost as if I was only seeing all the in between frames with weird horizontal lines masking the moving characters and objects. I have downloaded DVD2Divx anime before and they look perfect [love hina,cowboy bebop].. What's the secret?? what am I doing incorrectly? If you have done a anime dvd2divs rip that looks very nice can u please post an answer for me...
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Cyberkidd Inactive
I have backed up a lot of my own using Smartripper, I go to the "files" tab and choose the VOB's. I am having the exact opposite problem as you LOL...check out my thread at the top. :)
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