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Goatee Inactive
Where can I find HELP, not software for Streambox VCR?
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This is probably the best place to go if you need any assistance with Streambox VCR:
Dyan Suspended due non-functional email address
When I tried , I got a message that said 'access denied'. How do I access them?

I have a question that probably shouldn't be asked here.
Dyan Suspended due non-functional email address
Not really. I started there, and what the directions said would happen was close...... but not really the result that I got. So I don't know if things had just changed a tad and I'm okay, or if something didn't take.

That's why I wanted to find somewhere to ask a more specific question to clarify.
I am also having the same problem. I downloaded the software and I followed the instruction and cut and past the URL but I do not see any thing getting downloaded and saved the file size is only 2k I do not understand what to do. help :(
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