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Best software to split an AVI file

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MooRg Suspended due non-functional email address
I have an 800MB avi file that i want to split into 2 parts. What's the best way of going about this?


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Definitely the best software available for the task is VirtualDub
Just open up the AVI file, select the starting position, hit 'Home', select the end position (in your case the half-way point), hit 'End', set Video and Audio to 'Direct Stream Copy', and hit 'Save as AVI...'.

Repeat the steps for the second half of the video clip and you've got the file split up nicely.
MooRg Suspended due non-functional email address
cheers for that. i'll give it a shot..

Hi and hello...
To split easier AVI-Files i wrote following little Calculator:

Program description:
The Split-Calculator is a helpful program to calculate the Splitpoint for Avi files / DIVX.
Simply (e.g. 650 MB) enter the file size and the the program calculates the KeyFrame you should cut.
Useful for VirtualDub or NanDub.



MicroDee Inactive
Hi Folks ...

... we have just released AviSplitCalc 3.4 Final !

Many bugs were corrected and many of your suggestions we have implemented now. We have also included a new update function where you can see if a new version exists ( no trojan ;-) ).

New Downloadsite:

Dont forget to check out the supportforum!

cu, Micro@Dee!

Murdlih Inactive

I was using Avisplit, and without a doubt it made things easier. I don't know anything about video editing, so nandub was quite confusing when I first downloaded it. and using avisplit made it easier. however, it seems that whenever I use it i lose a minute or so of video between files. any suggestions?
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