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.7z.00X files

Discussion in 'PS2 - DVD backup discussion' started by Holla101, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. Holla101

    Holla101 Guest

    So i got scarface and i got 26 .7z.00X files... X as in 1, then 2, and so on. what do i do with these files to get the iso? I got 7-zip the program but i dont know how to do it, any help?
  2. Holla101

    Holla101 Guest

    I just extracted the files, it gave me a bigger file.. a 2.34 gb one. Its not an iso, when i try to open it with winrar it asks me for 2 passwords then it says the format is either unknown or damaged. Then when i open with 7zip it doesnt work.. any help?
  3. ace1uk

    ace1uk Guest

    You'll need to get the password from where you downloaded it. Check the txt or nfo file that came with the download if you're unsure of the web address of where the download originated.
  4. Holla101

    Holla101 Guest

    I have the download link, there is nothing that says what the password is, are there any other programs that i can use besides 7 zip?
  5. Holla101

    Holla101 Guest

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  6. Holla101

    Holla101 Guest

    where did all the people on this site go? o_O
  7. ace1uk

    ace1uk Guest

    Well we don't sit here waiting for you to post.
    Doesnt matter what program you use to extract from the original files, you're still gonna need that password from the site you downloaded from - its probably in their forums & you'll need to register to see it. This is a cheap trick by some sites to get their hit numbers up.

    Oh, and try learning how to use the edit button. Multi posting is against the forum rules here, and on most sites.
  8. Holla101

    Holla101 Guest

    i just showed you the site... if your so smart why dont you try and find it? and why you have to be such an edited by ddp for
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  9. janrocks

    janrocks Guest

    Stealth.to is a warez site.(megarotic.com is the hosting/linking site) That's why it's behind all that shielding.
    The above info is relevant. You need to register (looking at it, probably pay!!) to get a password. This isn't a safe method, I mean..who pays for pirated software?
    One hint.. I have found that a lot of times the password is the name of the site, or the name of the member uploading the file.. If it isn't one of those it's best to forget it and get the file from somewhere which doesn't use passwords. It's a nasty trick.

    I'll let your little tantrum slip, but maybe ace will see it differently. He's a well respected member. It was a complete answer, and it's against the rules to pass any passwords/keys/cracks on this site. Please edit the link you posted.. It's a direct link to pirate software and also against the rules.

    Remember this.. Nobody here is under any obligation to help you, especially with warez. Want to call me an bumhole too??
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  10. ddp

    ddp Moderator Staff Member

    Oct 15, 2004
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    won't be able to as he\she got hit by lightning!!!

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