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[bold]backups wit mod chip[/bold]

Discussion in 'PS2 - DVD backup discussion' started by Sincere63, Oct 14, 2004.

  1. Sincere63

    Sincere63 Guest

    i have the magic v 50 for a PS2 version 9. it says that i don't have to rip the game and just burn the image and it'll play the game. so i was wondering how do i go about getting the image to burn it. i have nero and i also have Alcohol 120%, so if someone can help me i would really appreciate it. if there are more steps to it than that just let me know....i also understand that i don't have to do all that swapin stuff that people be talkin about. so from my understanding i get the game, burn the image and play it like it was the original.....help me out!!!!!
  2. stof!

    stof! Member

    Oct 13, 2004
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    i have almost the same problem...
    some games are a bit scratched, so i want to have a backup of them (hitman2 - shellshock...)
    so i tried with nero6 --> cant read them :S

    i have 1 dvd:cd reader/writer (all in one)
    dvdDecrypter : i can make a iso-file of shellshock, but not of hitman ... he cant read it
    and i cant write with that prog

    so i downed alcohol120%
    i burned the iso-file on a dvd-r and he said everything went successful (speed 2)
    but there is nothing at all on the dvd
    0 bytes used :S

    who can help??
  3. willy684

    willy684 Guest

    ok steps to burn using nero 6.

    1. check what type of game it is (either cd or dvd)

    2. make sure you have a good brand dvd-r/cd-r blank disk to write to. (verbatim, sony and ritek are all good)

    3. open nero 6 and then go to copy disk then select your burner and write speed (try and write the slowest speed possible)

    4. put the disk you want burnt in your drive and click burn

    5. once reading has been done then swap the disk to your blank one

    6. put it in your ps2 and play away

    stof what type and what brand disk are you using to burn onto?

  4. cdub998

    cdub998 Member

    Sep 20, 2004
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    You should be able to write with dvd decryptor. Just go to made > ISO > Write. That should do it. Just set your speed at 1x for a ood burn. I would recommend using dvd decryptor over anything else.

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