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[bold] what is a hard drive and what does it do

Discussion in 'PS2' started by zaffy, Apr 23, 2005.

  1. zaffy

    zaffy Guest

    i need help to find out what a hard drive is and what it does. will someone tell me some useful tips
  2. malcdogg

    malcdogg Regular member

    Aug 23, 2004
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    Wow. You don't know what a hard drive is huh? My tip is go to http://www.google.com/ type in hard drive and start the learning. :) You'll find all kinds of stuff about hard drives. Pics too!
  3. zaffy

    zaffy Guest

    thanx but need more help
  4. jonjakjam

    jonjakjam Regular member

    May 19, 2004
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    Youve got to be shitting me? use google like malcdogg suggested.

    [bold]Definitions of hard drive on the Web:[/bold]

    -A rigid non-removable disk in a computer and the drive that houses it. Hard disks store more data and can be accessed quicker than floppy disks.

    -The hard drive stores all the computer's information and retains the information when the computer is turned off. A fast hard drive is needed to supply the CPU with data as fast as it needs it. Hard drive sizes are typically measured in GigaBytes. The larger the number, the more applications and games you can have installed. A hard drive can be IDE or SCSI. See IDE or SCSI for more information. For more information, go to my Hard Drive Page.

    -Primary storage device that computer uses to store data, generally not removed from the computer and can store large amounts of information; normally drive C on computer.

    -A computer's main storage device. A hard drive can store more data (and retrieve more) than a diskette. Most hard drives, which can hold from 2MB to several gigabytes of information, are permanently stored in a drive bay inside the computer.

    -The hard drive (or hard disk) is the primary storage area (the C: drive, for instance) of a computer.
    A computer's internal disk drive using a non-removable storage format. Used for the storage of data, documents and the computer's programs and operating system.

    -The most common form of permanent data storage for your system, it consists of special magnetically-coated platters designed to store mass quantities of data. New on the market are Ultra DMA hard drives. Ultra DMA hard drives have a faster access time, but require that your motherboard supports this standard. It won't, however, hurt to put a UDMA drive on a system that doesn't support it. It will work like a standard hard drive. And if you should decide to upgrade you motherboard later, you'll have a drive that's ready for it.

    -The main permenant information storage unit of a computer. This is where programs, data and the operating system are stored for use by the rest of the system.

    This is what a harddrive looks like:

    Do you want to use one in your Ps2?

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