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Burning Tivo'ed Movies with Digital Audio to DVD

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by SAMUELK, Sep 5, 2004.


    SAMUELK Guest

    I have a Tivo-type recorder and would like to burn the movies to DVD using S-Video and digital audio. My computer has SPDIF-In and a Realtek AC 97 card for playing and burning. I am attempting to use EZ Creator 7 "Capture" to get the Tivo'ed movies to the hard drive. I can get the audio to the hard drive using analog, but I can't using SPDIF. When I connect the digital out from the Tivo to the SPDIF-in on the computer, there's a loud inaudible noise. I think this is "unprocessed" SPDIF because:
    1. If I connect the digital out from the Tivo to the Home Theater receiver, the sound is fine.
    2. If I connect the digital out from a CD player to the SPDIF in on my computer the sound is fine.
    3. No. 1 & 2 is using EZ 7 Capture. The only change is changing the connections--- Tivo digital noise and CD digital sound.
    4. The video is OK.
    5. In EZ 7 Capture- "Settings" the different audio settings--- line out, SPDIF, etc. don't have any effect when setting up the capture.

    Any help or advice concerning this will be appreciated. Any help on doing this anotheer way will be appreciated.
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    Sep 28, 2003
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    If I were you I would Forget about trying to capture the audio as Digital especially when you are Captureing the Video as analoge because Most of not all Capture Programs can not capture audio as Digital they will treat the audio as analogue even if comeing in on a Digital Input.....

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