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Burnt DVD+r's wont play on my DVD player

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by bjd123, May 17, 2004.

  1. bjd123

    bjd123 Member

    May 17, 2004
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    I have recently purchased a Ricoh DVD burner that burns only DVD+r disks. I have been trying to back up my movies with DVD Shrink and B's Recorder Gold (software that came with burner)and the DVD's wont play in my DVD player.

    I realise that the DVD player must be DVD+r compatable and I have tried the disks on 3 such players but disks wont play. I have managed to play the disks on one DVD player but this is not my player and they are not made anymore.

    I have tried 4 brands of DVD+rs and none work on my players but all work on my friends player that I mentioned.

    Also, to confuse me even more, if the DVD is small and doesn't need to be compressed using DVD shrink the burnt DVD's will play on all my players which makes me think its not the players or the disks.

    Please help, I have tried absolutely everything I can think of but to no avail.
  2. bloonight

    bloonight Guest

    Welcome to the ever confusing world of DVD copying or back-ups as they are supposed to be called. I started about 3 weeks ago and have been reading and experimenting constantly since then. What I seem to have found is that it all boils down to this........get a good burner and buy good media and buy a free standing DVD player that will play anything. I started with a Sony (my first mistake) burner that wouldn't burn to anything but DVD-RW or DVD+RW....any piece of rewritable garbage and I'm set but I cannot burn to any DVD-R or DVD+R media that will play on my DVD player. It plays on my computer but not the stand alone. After many questions here and other sites I burned a DVD+R on my new burner (an LG Super Multi Format 8X burner) Then I went to future shop and tried it on every DVD player they had. I also had a DVD+RW and trie it as well until I found a DVD player that played all. I bought it. It cost $69.99 Canadian plus tax. It plays everything I burn now but will not play what my buddy burns on his burner. So you see, it is the correct combination of DVD burner and stand alone player that works best. Now I am buying stacks of 100 no-name DVD+R for $59 and burning hem with no problems. Yes the media counts but it seems not as much as the correct combo of machines. Also you would be better off using the newest version of Shrink and trying either Nero 6 or DVD Decryptor. I use a little program called Copy to DVD I found on a British site and it is the easiest thing I have ever used. You Shrink to get the file you want to burn then open Copy to DVD and simply click on "burn a DVD", it finds your files, you click on the one you want and it goes straight to burning. It even prompts for erasing re-writables and does it all in one operation, that simple.
    Anyway....that's my two cents for all it's worth. I went through the same start up Hell you're going through until I realized what I did and for a few dollars more I was up and running and if push comes to shove you hook your computer up to the TV with an adapter and use your computer as the DVD stand alone and since it will play anything going, you're all set this way to. Good luck and don't give up. It really does all come together.
  3. kcc76

    kcc76 Regular member

    May 2, 2004
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    just to add a little to bloonight's thread which is spot on i had to do the same here in england the best dvd players cost £35.00
    the best dvd+/-r to use is ritek which arnt so good on mine for some reason but there still 1 of the best
    i use bulkpaq & datasafe 4x using various programes nero discjuggler and prazzi and alcohol 120%.

    true ive had toshiba sony mico and so on all above £250 mark and they dont naff all but dvd's been buying some between £35.00- £49.99
    and play everthing inc dvd+r kodak pcd's mp3
    dts componant the works
    but when i say the best didnt mean it as completly the best because if had as many dvd players as me paying above this price you would be skint
    _X_X_X_X_X_[small]pentium 4 3,2ghz 1224mb ddr 2700
    120gig sata hdd
    gforce fx 5600 8x agp
    6.1 sound[/small]
    Last edited: May 17, 2004
  4. wilkes

    wilkes Regular member

    May 31, 2003
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    The best DVD players cost £35?? In your dreams, sir!

  5. Nephilim

    Nephilim Moderator Staff Member

    Feb 13, 2003
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    What method/software do you use for the uncompressed discs?

    What are the four brands of media you've tried?

    When you do compress the movie, how much compression are you using? Are you doing "movie-omly" or full disc?

    There may be a couple reasons for this, with media quality being my first choice. The other reason may be player compatibility. Not all players are created equal. Try here for more info on the players you're using:


    Keep in mind that quality media is probably the most important element of the whole process :)
  6. bloonight

    bloonight Guest

    I agree with you re the media Nephilim.............good quality is a must but I did find a little thing on Shrink that asked me if I wanted to do a deep scan and I ticked the box and noticed an amazing increase in less loss of discs but also in the ability to re-author and compress more so on a good quality disk I get less drop out and on a cheap quality disk I get more compression for a movie and less drop out. I like to drop everything except the movie and with serial cartoons like the Simpsons and things you can get 7-8 episodes on a good quality disk with high compression and 4-6 episodes on a cheap disk with medium compression. It jsut takes time to experiment and try differnt methods etc. I spent almost $100 on disks before settling on the LG Super Multi Disk burner and an on sale GE DVD player I got at Future shop and using the different medium for different purposes makes for a happy camper. I find animation with medium compression goes well on cheap disks and live movies go well with low compression on good disks.Again it just a matter of experimenting and reading and asking questions...that's how we all learn. I hope this adds a little to your other wise muddied first steps into the realm of back-ups...by the way...if you ever use the burner to back up a hard drive?....any disk qality seems to work.
  7. mark666

    mark666 Guest

    It sounds like you standalone wont play +R so you need to change the book type with dvdinfopro (freeware)player will then see the disc as a dvdrom and should play.

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